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October 1, 2008

Swipe your own credit card

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By now I’m sure everyone has seen the do it your self credit card transaction. Pretty much any store you go to now has the little machine where you swipe your own card and then sign in the box. I love those machines because you can usually swipe your card ahead of time and speed up the transaction. I think the more you can get the $8/hour clerk out of the transaction the better.

One place where that kinds of falls down is at Best Buy. Here are the Best Buy steps:

  1. Swipe your own card like normal.
  2. Cashier stands there looking confused.
  3. Cashier asks for the card that YOU just swiped so they can enter the last 4 numbers.
  4. Cashier talks to friends in line next to you
  5. Card is returned along with 8 foot long receipt with 2 surveys on it.

So if they have to actually take the card from you why don’t they just swipe it themselves?! Am I missing something here?


January 3, 2008

The Best Rewards Credit Card

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For anyone that uses a rewards credit card, check this one out. I found a card from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union. You need to be a member but anyone can qualify. There are a number of ways to join. I was never a member of the military and didn’t want to bother any relatives who were in the military so I decided to join by making a one time $20 tax deductible donation to the National Military Family Association. From what I can tell it seemed to be a decent organization and with the price of gas these days I should get that back in about 8 weeks if I am getting 5% at every gas station.

If you haven’t clicked on the link here are the details at the time of writing:

  1. 5% back on all gas purchases (pay at the pump).
  2. 2% back on all grocery purchases.
  3. 1.25% back on everything else

These are not introductory rates and there are no limits on the rewards as far as I can tell. There is no annual fee and your reward amount is paid monthly and it does not have to be in any special increment. As far as I have seen this is the best rewards card available.

Their site is pretty ugly but seems to work fine. The application process took about 10 minutes and wasn’t too painful. Approval is not instant but only took a couple of hours. When you create an account you are required to open a savings account and put at least $5 in. If you are going to do this make sure you use a debit card to avoid any potential fees from your current bank.

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