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December 30, 2008

iPhone review and AT&T Outage

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I picked up an iPhone on Saturday and it is probably the most glorious device I have ever used. Everything works how I would expect it to work without reading a manual. As much as I generally hate Mac’s and their users they might have done something right with iPhone. Before deciding on the iPhone I tried out all the competitors Verizon had including the new Blackberry Storm. The storm was just ok and was generally sluggish to perform any task.

Before switching to AT&T I was with Verizon for 14 years. Their customer service and phone selection is near the top of my hate list but their network was really good. If they made a phone that was decent and didn’t have all their propeitary vCast, vzNavigator, vCrap I would have stuck with them.

AT&T on the other hand could be the worst thing ever. I took the phone home Saturday night and everything worked fine. I had service inside my house and at MOST places I drove. There seems to be quite a few dead zones in some fairly heavily populated areas. Then came Sunday morning. Apparently their was an outage for the whole Midwest which meant I was basically dead in the water all day. If that wasn’t bad enough apparently their “customer service” center is closed on Sundays. There is/was no announcement on their website or on their customer service recording saying their network was down. Congratulations AT & FAIL!

Apparently I have 30 days to decide how much I hate AT&T before I am stuck in their 2 year contract. If the phone wasn’t so awesome I would have taken it back already. So I think I am going to stick it out for the next 27 days and see how bad their network really is.


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