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December 30, 2008

iPhone review and AT&T Outage

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I picked up an iPhone on Saturday and it is probably the most glorious device I have ever used. Everything works how I would expect it to work without reading a manual. As much as I generally hate Mac’s and their users they might have done something right with iPhone. Before deciding on the iPhone I tried out all the competitors Verizon had including the new Blackberry Storm. The storm was just ok and was generally sluggish to perform any task.

Before switching to AT&T I was with Verizon for 14 years. Their customer service and phone selection is near the top of my hate list but their network was really good. If they made a phone that was decent and didn’t have all their propeitary vCast, vzNavigator, vCrap I would have stuck with them.

AT&T on the other hand could be the worst thing ever. I took the phone home Saturday night and everything worked fine. I had service inside my house and at MOST places I drove. There seems to be quite a few dead zones in some fairly heavily populated areas. Then came Sunday morning. Apparently their was an outage for the whole Midwest which meant I was basically dead in the water all day. If that wasn’t bad enough apparently their “customer service” center is closed on Sundays. There is/was no announcement on their website or on their customer service recording saying their network was down. Congratulations AT & FAIL!

Apparently I have 30 days to decide how much I hate AT&T before I am stuck in their 2 year contract. If the phone wasn’t so awesome I would have taken it back already. So I think I am going to stick it out for the next 27 days and see how bad their network really is.


December 11, 2007

Verizon Text Message Spam

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In the past few days I have experienced a new version of spam. It all started Dec 8th with a text message from Edwardo pushing some crappy penny stock which I won’t mention here. Since then I receive at least one text message a day with offers to purchase V!@gr@, get a cheaper M0rtg@g3, or increase my P3N!5 size. I guess the millions of emails sent by spammers daily is not enough.

The good news is if you are a Verizon subscriber there is a way to help minimize or at least temporarily eliminate text message spam. There is a feature with Verizon that allows you to receive any emails sent to yournumber@vtext.com. I guess spammers now know this as well because it seems like they blast all the numbers at vtext.com. The solution verizon has is to allow you to choose a nickname for your account. If you will never receive an email on your phone you can pick a ridiculous nick name and hopefully nobody will ever find it. I chose something alone the lines of IHateSpam0983!2809389@vtext.com.

This feature is somewhat buried in their site and took me a little while to find.

  1. Browse to http://text.vzw.com and login.
  2. Click on preferences in the left nav.
  3. Click Nickname on the now expanded preferences section of the left nav.
  4. Click the ‘Edit Nickname’ on the lower right hand corner
  5. Enter your nickname and click save.

Since doing this I have received 0 spam messages. Hopefully this works for anyone else out there who hates spam as much as I do.

[Update 11/25/08]
As far as I know there is no way to block a specific number from texting you. You may need to call Verizon support and have them do this for you.

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