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December 20, 2007

ASP.Net Edit and Continue in Visual Studio 2005/2008

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I have seen many articles that said Edit and Continue does not work in ASP.Net for Visual Studio 2005. Well, it works for me and here is how to enable it. I have showed many people how to enable this and every time I show someone I have to figure it out again. So I am putting this out there to hopefully save someone else the frustration.

To enable Edit and Continue there are 2 separate setting. The first is under Tools.. Options. Open the Debug section of the tree and click on the Edit and Continue Group. Make sure “Enable Edit and Continue” is checked. If you are using the VS 2005 Professional you may need to click a checkbox at the bottom of this screen saying something like Show all Options.


The second setting is in a strange place. I am not sure if this works with the new Web Projects introduced in 2005. We are using the Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project which may have something to do with it. Open up the solution you are attempting to debug, right click on the web project, and click Properties. When the property window opens click down to the “Web”. Check the Enable Edit and Continue box and you should be all set.


I will never understand why there are two places you have to enable this, but at least it works.

UPDATE: You must be at a break point in your code to edit. You cannot edit method signatures, add new methods, etc. Changes like that were not what Edit and Continue were designed for and I can’t even start to think how that would be implemented by Microsoft.

UPDATE (again): I recently started working with Visual Studio 2008. This fix applies to that version as well.


December 14, 2007

Zip Code Required to Get Gas!

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I stopped at Speedway/SuperAmerica the other day to get gas. I’ve been going to this gas station for the last 2 years because it is on the way home and easy to get in and out of. I put my credit card in the pump like usual and got ready to pump gas. The pump decided to start doing the idiot beep at me so I figured they were asking if I wanted a car wash, etc. I looked at the dim salt covered screen and saw that it wanted my zip code. I figured I messed up somewhere along the way so I hit cancel and started over. After a couple seconds I got back to the same screen and found there is no way past it without entering a zip code. So instead of entering those 5 numbers I decided to leave and go to another gas station.

This is apparently used for fraud detection. I guess someone who stole your credit card may not actually have your wallet with your drivers license in it. If someone steals my credit card I am not liable for any charges so for all I care they can buy gas or whatever else they want.

So the question is what’s in it for me. As far as I can tell the only thing that is in it for me is I get to stand in the cold like an idiot staring at their smudgy salt covered screen and punch in my zip code. Or I could just not go to that gas station anymore, that sounds like the better choice to me.

December 11, 2007

Verizon Text Message Spam

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In the past few days I have experienced a new version of spam. It all started Dec 8th with a text message from Edwardo pushing some crappy penny stock which I won’t mention here. Since then I receive at least one text message a day with offers to purchase V!@gr@, get a cheaper M0rtg@g3, or increase my P3N!5 size. I guess the millions of emails sent by spammers daily is not enough.

The good news is if you are a Verizon subscriber there is a way to help minimize or at least temporarily eliminate text message spam. There is a feature with Verizon that allows you to receive any emails sent to yournumber@vtext.com. I guess spammers now know this as well because it seems like they blast all the numbers at vtext.com. The solution verizon has is to allow you to choose a nickname for your account. If you will never receive an email on your phone you can pick a ridiculous nick name and hopefully nobody will ever find it. I chose something alone the lines of IHateSpam0983!2809389@vtext.com.

This feature is somewhat buried in their site and took me a little while to find.

  1. Browse to http://text.vzw.com and login.
  2. Click on preferences in the left nav.
  3. Click Nickname on the now expanded preferences section of the left nav.
  4. Click the ‘Edit Nickname’ on the lower right hand corner
  5. Enter your nickname and click save.

Since doing this I have received 0 spam messages. Hopefully this works for anyone else out there who hates spam as much as I do.

[Update 11/25/08]
As far as I know there is no way to block a specific number from texting you. You may need to call Verizon support and have them do this for you.

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